Street Performer Therapy

by Thaddeus Spae

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A bereaved singer/songwriter hits the streets to assuage his sorrow. Yeah, we know — bad idea. At least he got an interesting album out it.


released August 1, 2008



all rights reserved


Thaddeus Spae Seattle, Washington

A 40-year veteran of the Folk Wars, Thaddeus Spae has played venues from Tipitina's to the EMP. He's an award-winning songwriter whose works range from quirky to literate, guardedly sentimental to outraged and sarcastic, performed on a panoply of instruments acoustic and electric, in a profligate variety of styles encompassing folk, hard rock, jazz, blues, electronic and more. Website: ... more

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Track Name: Mister Fixit
Around my house I'm known as Mister Fixit
and mister, fixit is what I do
around my house I'm known as Mister Fixit
and Mister Fixit, he always comes through

If your bathtub springs a leak
if your front porch is getting weak
never mind don't peak n freak
call for Mister Fixit
if your tv's on the blink
if you can't unclog your sink
well it's later than you think
call for Mister Fixit

Around my house I'm known as Mister Fixit
and mister, fixit is my name
around my house I'm known as Mister Fixit
and mister, fixing is my claim to fame

If your yard's a living wreck
if your basement shows neglect
doncha take it in the neck
call for Mister Fixit
if the lights blink off and on
if the back door knob is gone
if there's dog poop on the lawn
don't look at me!

Around my house I'm known as Mister Fixit
and mister, i can fix it all
around my house I'm know as Mister Fixit
and Mister Fixit's he's always on the ball

If your toaster doesn't toast
if your floor gives up the ghost
if you need some help the most
call for Mister Fixit
if Your boyfriend treats you rough
won't give you none of that good stuff
if you've had just about enough
call for Mister Fixit
Track Name: Monkey In The Mirror
Woke up this morning in the same old place
stumbled to the sink to scrape the fur off my face
peeked in the mirror, it scared me fit to die
there was an anthropoid simian giving me the eye

There’s a monkey in the mirror and he’s been there all day
a monkey in the mirror and he won’t go away
he does what you do
he looks just like you
the monkey in the mirror

Went to the preacher he was talkin real odd
he said man is made in the image of god
he said he read it in the bible and the bible’s never wrong
I said are we talkin god here or king kong?


I ain’t no gorilla nor no chimpanzee
ain’t no mirror make a monkey outa me
I picked up a monkey wrench swung it fair and square
but when I looked at the pieces he was still there -- everywhere

College professor she set me straight
she said oh little boy you such a primate
I said I wouldn’t bet on it she said if you do
remember 98 percent of you belongs in the zoo
Track Name: Deal With It
Deal with it
deal with it
pucker up and get real with it
roll like a wheel with it
don't let it run you down

The monster trucker and the wayward dream
they turn you under like a plowing team
if you're a weed you better have a plan
you got to go grow wherever you can

At your appointment with the hangin judge
assume the position now don't you budge
you gotta stand up and face the gun
until you get a chance to cut and run

If your rock candy's just a bag of rocks
if your dominion is a cardboard box
if your true love is in a porno flick
you better learn to duck and learn it quick
Track Name: Street Performer Therapy
Down on the corner up on the hill
man was playin guitar I threw him a bill
and I felt so much better that I said glory be
I believe I just discover street performer therapy

I had a friend he was depressed
his girl threw him out his life was a mess
so I took him to the corner he recovered instantly
it was just another triumph of street performer therapy

That street performer he had some gall
took his street performing up to city hall
and the next thing you know them boys was legislating equitably
they put up a statue in the park to street performer therapy

Went to see my girl out at her place
wouldn't let me in wouldn't show her face
but I peeked into the window where she thought I couldn't see
she was getting herself some street performer therapy

Lost my job they wouldn't give it back
lost all my money down at the dog track
so I'm going to get my guitar cause I think that corner's free
gonna get myself some street performer therapy
Track Name: Chump Change
Monday morning sidewalk saxophonist blues
slow moanin tryin not to spook his muse
jazz rumor moving air
occupation: standing there
makin chump change

Big city watch out for the local cop
play pretty try n get the bucks to stop
two quarters worn out bill
gum wrapper ain't it a thrill
makin chump change

For fifteen years he went to school
they taught him how to play by the rules
but the rules went blind and all he can see
is sittin in a hat below his knee

And the rap stars ride by in their limousines
but all the local bars hire is topless dancers and machines
no future past his prime
outta place outta time
makin chump change

On a sunny day with the cool breeze blowin
little kids with ice cream cones
and the sound so sweet comin thru his horn
makes him bless the day that he was born

But the good times never seem to stick around
all his small crimes keep on runnin him to ground
hand to mouth day to day
he's blowin his life away
makin chump change
Track Name: It Don't Bother Me

Prices up wages down
everybody wears a frown
it might bother some folks
but it don't bother me

Housing market in a slump
drag that mortgage to the dump
it might bother some folks
but it don't bother me

I just take it easy
I live from day to day
things start getting cheesy
I just stroll the other way

Got no job got no money
I just grin I think it's funny
it might bother some folks
but it don't bother me

Atom bombs the horseless carriage
global warming same sex marriage
it might bother some folks
but it don't bother me

Left wing right wing shove and push
terrorists behind every bush
it might bother some folks
but it don't bother me

I stay copacetic
don't need no drama queens
some folks so pathetic
they'd overthink a plate of beans

I don't mind expensive gas
oil companies kiss my what?
It might bother some folks
but it don't bother me