So Farther, So Gooder (Vol. 3)

by Thaddeus Spae

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Vol. 3 in a revisionist retrospective, chock full of goodies.


released February 2, 2017



all rights reserved


Thaddeus Spae Seattle, Washington

A 40-year veteran of the Folk Wars, Thaddeus Spae has played venues from Tipitina's to the EMP. He's an award-winning songwriter whose works range from quirky to literate, guardedly sentimental to outraged and sarcastic, performed on a panoply of instruments acoustic and electric, in a profligate variety of styles encompassing folk, hard rock, jazz, blues, electronic and more. Website: ... more

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Track Name: Immanentize The Eschaton
I met Buddha in the bad part of town
back in an alley with his hat pulled down
he said to me your money or your life
I said this is a koan right?
He said you'll die if you don't pay
I said I'm gonna die anyway
he pulled out a nine held it up high
he was gonna open up my third eye

(ch) I said it's all right go right on
immanentize the eschaton
you can't fight god with a gun
immanentize the eschaton

I saw Moses layin down the law
shinin up his badge and practicing his draw
he makes his living takin down crooks
he says he always goes by the books
he said to me now don't you sin
you cross that line and I'll run you in
I said I'm just tryin to ease the pain
he started practicing his draw again (ch)

Moses and Buddha they had a war
neither one knew what it was for
everybody else made a point to be gone
they cleared off the street and said bring it on
Buddha he took a middle stand
Moses came back with the ten commands
east is east and west is west
they reached for the weapons that they knew best (ch)
Track Name: The Warp And The Weft
The eldest of elderly women
weaving the world on her loom
running the thread on the shuttle
sorting the gleam and the gloom
the light and the dark
the slag and the spark
the cliff and the cleft
the warp and the weft

The wizard in back of the curtain
pulling the levers and strings
moving the pawns on the chessboard
people and prices and things
the take and the trade
the point and the blade
the hilt and the heft
the warp and the weft

The white coated mathematician
tracing events on a graph
x's and y's in concordance
singing like notes on a staff
the quarters of space
the time and the place
the right and the left
the warp and the weft

But the sights can't target the sign
and the lesson's too simple to learn
and the letters slip off of the line
and so we return to

The eldest of elderly women
plaiting the fates in her hair
stringing the stars for a necklace
her weaving is ready to wear
the moon and the sun
the lost and the won
the gauche and the deft
the warp and the weft
Track Name: Welcome To My Shelter
Welcome to my shelter
there’s room for just one more
the bed’s already taken
you can sleep there on the floor
I went and scraped off “public”
from the sign above the door
welcome welcome to my shelter

Welcome to my shelter
it’s a cozy place to hide
just play the game my way
And we will both be satisfied
unless you’d rather play
In the apocalypse outside
welcome welcome to my shelter

The rules are very elegant and clear
just do whatever I say
or your ass is out of here
I’m sure there’s nothing else I need define
unless you miss the message
of a loaded AK-9

Welcome to my shelter
I’ll have steak and escargot
for wine a nice chianti
or perhaps the good merlot
I hear your gruel’s delicious
but I really wouldn’t know
welcome welcome to my shelter

This small reverse of fortune cannot last
we’ll hide out in my hideout
until what’s passed is past
you seem to be an entertaining jack
and if supplies run low
you’ll make a tasty little snack

Welcome to my shelter
secure from the unknown
you’ll have to make the best of it
so please don’t piss and moan
you’re always free to go and find
a shelter of your own
welcome welcome to my shelter
Track Name: Misery Loves Company
I'm a loser, you're a user
We're a team, it's true
Misery loves company
and that's why I love you

I'm a dreamer, you're a screamer
we go loop de loo
Misery loves company
and that's why I love you

Heaven must be beaming with pride
Couldn't be more lame if we tried dear

I'm a pouter you're a doubter
What else can we do?
Misery loves company
and that's why I love you

We don't care if raindrops don't fall
We don't mind the sunshine at all dear

I need plasma you've got asthma
I have asthma too
Misery loves company
and that's why I love you
Track Name: Lucky Mud
God got lonely god made mud
god made bone and god made blood
god made gristle god made fat
mud stood up and that was that

Ch: mud gets up and walks around
mud gets up and walks around
boundless spirit in mortal flesh is bound
mud gets up and walks around
mud gets up and walks around

Mud has eyes and mud has ears
mud can think mud sees and hears
mud can sing and dance and play
lucky mud i hear mud say (ch)

Mud eats mud that grows on trees
mud gets sick from mud disease
mud lies down to sleep and then
mud turns back to mud again (ch)
Track Name: Low Maintenence
I wanna low maintenance girlfriend
who doesn't think she's the queen
who gives me a snuggle
instead of a struggle
and knows how to cook and clean

I wanna low maintenance girlfriend
one who's not a nervous wreck
who fixes her computers
and likes to go to hooters
and never lets me pay the check

And when she says good morning
she means good morning
not here comes a hissy fit
without any warning
and when she says good night
she means good night
not would you kindly
read my mind n
turn out the light

I wanna low maintenance girlfriend
sensible through and through
who's got a groovy ringtone
and doesn't lose her cellphone
then borrow mine and lose it too

I want a low maintenance boyfriend
one who never wears a frown
who washes all the dishes
and wipes up when he pishes
and always leaves
The toilet seat down

I want a low maintenance boyfriend
who never makes me feel annoyed
who doesn't need to chatter
or ask me what's the matter
or Think his name is sigmund freud

And when he says “hey cutie”
He means “hey cutie”
not “you'd be really swell
If you lost half of your bootie”
and a dinner date is a dinner date
not “would you like to supersize
With fries and a shake”

I want a low maintenance boyfriend
who understands that he's a king
who walks with a swagger
and never needs viagra
and doesn't care if i can't sing

I want a low maintenance lover
wicked good at being bad
who's ice-cool and red-hot
and sleeps on the wet spot
and tells me i'm the best they've had

I want a low maintenance partner
sane and solid all the time
who does what i'm expecting
and doesn't bounce their checking
or claim that they're from vega prime

And when they say i love you,
They mean I love you
not “you'll do til I find
a newer model of you”
and when they ask to stay
They really want to stay
not hang around and wear you down
And then run away

I wanna low maintenance
wild and crazy and free
who's wise beyond knowing
and doesn't mind going
with a high maintenance
Guy/gal like me
Track Name: Money River
You’ve heard of that old money river
that carries the wealth of the world
and bears up the weight
of the great ships of state
that sail with their banners unfurled
but for all the great vessels
that plough her
yet few are the charts or the maps
and fewer still know
where her currents may flow
nor all of her snags or her traps

Ch: She’s wide and she’s green
and she’s rollin
she flows through the heart of the land
so take me down to that money river
and put a big straw in my hand
There are other streams
running beside her
some swifter some fairer by far
but none of them leap
so full and so deep
nor hold all her strength and her power
for the stocks and the bonds
are but freshets
and the goods and the services too
for she is the flood
that brings fortune like blood
to cities the whole nation thru (ch)

Oh oh that old money river
reach me a straw
teach me to draw
oh oh money river
put a big straw in my hand
Now those who have conquered
this river
won’t willingly tell what they’ve found
and they do as they like
with the dam drain and dyke
leaving deserts
and settlements drowned
but speak kindly
and one may approach you
motion silence and beckon you near
then hand you a straw
and say fill up your craw
but don’t slurp
or the poor folks might hear (ch)
Track Name: The Possum
Oh the solitary possum in her coat of whiteish gray
wandering the nighttime and sleeping through the day
pondering her purpose as she goes along her way
and marveling at the wonder of it all

I see her by the roadside as the night is coming out
the glimmer of her beady eyes the quiver of her snout
a peerin through the darkness and a snuffin of the air
and she knows the car is coming but she's too profound to care

Oh the solitary possum...

The possum's deep and subtle, you can see it in a glance
she stands on the macadam in a philosophic trance
with roarin menace bearing down she'll dream until she's done
unless she is persuaded to collect her thoughts and run

Oh the solitary possum...

I do not stare at headlights -- I'm a realistic man
and I can cross the road as well as any chicken can
and I could soar with eagles or so I would proclaim
but yet there's something in me of the possum just the same

Oh the solitary possum...
Track Name: Scream
Standin on the corner
just tryin to stay awake
they’re handin me a story
but I know that it’s a fake
it’s always jam tomorrow
never jam today
and all the while the future
turns a darker shade of gray

I wanna scream bloody murder

Politician talkin
on the television set
his words are real pretty
but they’re easy to forget
he says he wants to help
but there’s been a slight delay
but if you reelect him
he’ll get on it right away

Businessmen and lawyers
don’t know what to do
they hear it’s getting heavy
but they hope it isn’t true
they wanna save their butts
but they’re running outta time
and they’re squeezing all the action
for the last thin dime
Track Name: Down To The Crossroads
I used to be a actor
but now I’m just a liar
going down to the crossroads
to set myself on fire

I’m naked as a baby
they took all they could steal
going down to the crossroads
to cut myself a deal

Well I got me an appointment
with a man all dressed in black
going down to the crossroads
and I ain’t coming back

I done things I can’t remember
I got bills I’ll never pay
going down to the crossroads
to take myself away
Track Name: Dynamite Monkey
Dynamite monkey sits all alone
nurses his grievances longs for his home
cohort and comfort not in the cards
just a short leash and the plunger he guards
hands on the handle grip is not tight
probably won’t push him he might

don’t tease
dynamite monkey

Dynamite monkey sensitive soul
don’t like his job but he likes the control
never a motion never a twitch
biding his timing awake at the switch
could be up swinging high in the air
show some respect now he’s just sitting there

don’t sneeze
dynamite monkey

And at night he sleeps with one eye open
dreaming dreams of the final explosion
when the world is freed from its disguise
and bananas come raining from the skies

Dynamite monkey he's not to blame
he’s just a pawn in the big monkey game
sworn to the service purchased and sold
see hear and speak only what he is told
for the duration this is his fate
sit at attention and wait just wait

don’t tease
don’t sneeze
don’t squeeze
dynamite monkey
Track Name: The Holy Land
There is endless strife
in the holy land
and death is life
in the holy land
and war is your wife
in the holy land
in the holy land

Your friend is foe
In the holy land
and glee is woe
in the holy land
and yes means no
in the holy land
in the holy land

All the laws are lies
and the saints draw flies
laughter cries
and innocence dies
in the holy land

Trees have no leaves
In the holy land
and priests are thieves
in the holy land
and justice grieves
in the holy land
in the holy land

Every child is old
in the holy land
and love is sold
in the holy land
and lead is gold
in the holy land
in the holy land

All the wise are fools
and the kings are ghouls
guns are tools
and chaos rules
in the holy land

there is no god but god
the lord is one

They build on sand
In the holy land
permission is banned
in the holy land
your fist is your hand
in the holy land
in the holy land

All the goods are ills
In the holy land
and fire chills
in the holy land
and kindness kills
in the holy land
in the holy land

There is blood in the street
there is no retreat
every triumph is defeat
and the crimes repeat
in the holy land
Track Name: Birthdays And X-Rays
Sitting in the treatment chair
waiting for my dental care
brand new health insurance
no mistake
this is not my chosen way
to celebrate my natal day
not a single present and
too much cake

Ch: Birthdays and x rays
showing what's inside you
giving you a guide to
know your fate
birth and death are accidents
waiting to happen
life is just what happens
while you wait

Antiseptic in the air
muzak crooning by the stair
ready to receive my
gamma kiss
held down by a sheet of lead
aim the blaster at my head
Nursey lady telling me
bite on this (Ch)

Soon the kindly dentist comes
sinking tools into my gums
measuring the bone loss
with each gash
those two molars have to go
hate to have to tell you so
you don't need a root canal
you need cash (Ch)
Track Name: Gravity
You show me what's up you keep my feet on the ground
you make my whole world spin around
when I fall I fall for you
because nobody holds me like you do

Ch: oh gravity oh gravity
oh gravity hold on to me (2x's)

You're always there no matter where I go
why you attract me I just don't know
lying in bed in your fond embrace
if it wasn't for you i'd go flyin into space

Ch (4x's)

Br: I feel so heavy with you on top
you keep me movin you never let me stop
I wanna break away to fly and be free
but I can't reach escape velocity

Cause your heavenly body it bends my sight
though I'm standin up to you with all my might
but when I fall I fall for you
because nobody holds me like you do

Ch numerous times