So Farther, So Gooder (Vol. 2)

by Thaddeus Spae

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Volume 2 of this 45-year compilation of art, craft and screed from the pen and pick of Thaddeus Spae.


released September 15, 2016



all rights reserved


Thaddeus Spae Seattle, Washington

A 40-year veteran of the Folk Wars, Thaddeus Spae has played venues from Tipitina's to the EMP. He's an award-winning songwriter whose works range from quirky to literate, guardedly sentimental to outraged and sarcastic, performed on a panoply of instruments acoustic and electric, in a profligate variety of styles encompassing folk, hard rock, jazz, blues, electronic and more. Website: ... more

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Track Name: Monkey In The Mirror
Woke up this morning in the same old place
stumbled to the sink to scrape the fur off my face
peeked in the mirror, it scared me fit to die
there was an anthropoid simian giving me the eye

There’s a monkey in the mirror and he’s been there all day
a monkey in the mirror and he won’t go away
he does what you do
he looks just like you
the monkey in the mirror

Went to the preacher he was talkin real odd
he said man is made in the image of god
he said he read it in the bible and the bible’s never wrong
I said are we talkin god here or king kong?


I ain’t no gorilla nor no chimpanzee
ain’t no mirror make a monkey outa me
I picked up a monkey wrench swung it fair and square
but when I looked at the pieces he was still there -- everywhere

College professor she set me straight
she said oh little boy you such a primate
I said I wouldn’t bet on it she said if you do
remember 98 percent of you belongs in the zoo
Track Name: Vaudeville Days
It's been so long since i left home,
I'm on my own now
i live my life in a maze
but i still dream of the way that it used to be
back in my vaudeville days

I worked the circuit and lived for the four-a-day
i starred in miracle plays
(you wouldn't think to see me)
i never started on time but i never had to
back in my vaudeville days

And in the summer we would gather
out at the country fair
laugh in the sunlight, greet each other
we thought we'd never ever be leaving there …

It's been so long since i left home,
I'm on my own now
i live my life in a maze (you wouldn't think to see me)
but i remember the way that it used to be
back in my vaudeville days
Track Name: Luna Park
Luna park amusement park
is rising from the bay
just outside the window of
the luna park cafe
defying all the forces
That conspired to make it sink
be careful where you swim out there
it's deeper than you think

Luna park amusement park
had carousels and rides
cotton candy caramel corn
and games to win a prize
swing the hammer hit the plank
and ring the bell on top
luna park was so much fun
you'd never want to stop

And the band music played
for the evening promenade
dancing 'neith the golden moon
to the old familiar tune

But luna park amusement park
overplayed its hand
they shut it down and stripped it bare
just piers, a pool and sand
and someone was amused to go
and burn the rest for spite
to watch the flames blot out the stars
and fade into the night

But we all get confused
when we are not amused
burn our hearts to ash and air
in the dark fire of despair

(repeat 1st verse)
Track Name: The Sum Of Our Parts
On the surface we look simple
skin and hair and blush and dimple
inside it’s a solid mass of bone and muscle, blood and gut
in the cell’s secluded chasm
membranes circle cytoplasm
nucleus and mytochondria put in place by who knows what

But we are more than the sum of our parts
the sum of our parts
the sum of our parts
we are more than the sum of our parts
of our parts
of our parts

Take a bite of food in your mouth
chew it up and send it off south
through the tonsels past the palate round the gastronomic bend
stripped of its nutritious uses
in the tripes and bowels and tuchas
to a dirty destination there can be no other end


Metacarpal epidermis
hippocampus corpus collosum
liver lungs arachnid layer
squamous epithelium

In our veins and capillaries
lurk the ancient adversaries
phagocytes and t cells seeking only to defeat the foe
if there is no enemy
then they’ll kill anything they see
though it may be their only lifeline they can neither care nor know


Cornea tympanic membrane
veriform appendix gullet
fibula tibia triceps bicep
spectacles ventricles watch and wallet

From the columns of the legs
the body’s temple stands erected
vessel of a spirit oscillating between love and fear
through the portals of the senses
mounted in the skull’s defenses
visions from a distance for the mind to see and heart to hear

Track Name: Those Things Upon Which Dreams Are Made
I will not linger here I shall go wandering
I seek the better songs the better songs to sing
the better songs to sing and hear
and better sung and played
and all those things upon which dreams are made

I will not lie asleep I shall awake and see
I seek the brightest light of all the lights that be
of all the lights that be and burn
and all that shine unstayed
and all those things upon which dreams are made

I will not be afraid to see the truth revealed
I seek the highest good that only truth can yield
that only truth can yield and bring
by truth alone conveyed
and all those things upon which dreams are made

I will not stand apart from that which is my goal
I seek the purest love to fill my heart and soul
to fill my heart and soul with love
And all my life in trade
for all those things upon which dreams are made
Track Name: Captain Creepheart And His Mortgaged Brain
God was just in a minute ago
but he left when they spilled chocolate
on his feet and all

Somebody's shootin at the moon again
but who cares?

The frogs are bitin
and alvin's in the kitchen eatin hotdogs
he must have a million of em
and it's getting cold under the bathmat
must be the scalps on the door

But the bees and the butterflies are still happy

Why is all this happenin?
Whatever happened to good old fashioned
dealin with nature in the raw?
Whatever became of insanity?

I wouldn't bend over too far
i might kill a germ

And don't forget to park your zipcode
behind the neon doghouse
cause you can't get a pension
without a fur-lined potato

You ever get the feeling
you been here before?
Track Name: Beloved
The elephant that comes at night to stand upon my chest
informs me she who was my one is none
and I am left bereft
and in my darkness I remain
and try my best to ascertain
the certainty I held in spite of death
while she held breath

For if the flesh is all the soul
then how can stars be beautiful
and if the world is only force
then how can planets keep their course

The skeleton that rattles in the closet by the door
reminds me she who was my own is bone
and can be mine no more
and in the dark I see her eyes
and in the night I hear her cries
but in my dreams the memories that persist
are figured mist

But if oblivion is our doom
then tell me how can roses bloom
and if the rigor is our end
then tell me how can grace descend
Track Name: Be Kind
Waiting on heaven wading thru hell
living at the bottom of a wishing well
rumors aplenty facts are few
we do our best at whatever we do

Ch: be kind
be kind
we're only here
For a very short time
so be kind
be kind
it don't matter
if you don't mind

Cast on the waters trying to float
refugees in the same leaky boat
snakes in the shadows fire in the sky
the real miracle is just getting by (ch)

You never know what can happen
fire burns itself water gets wetter
you never know what can happen
it can get better

Life passes slowly then it's done
you can't afford to be a lone gun
so many faces just one rule
like the king said don't be cruel (ch)
Track Name: Kool Kids
Well the cool kids
they got tinted hair
and the cool kids they act
like they don’t care
well I don’t care
what the cool kids do
no I don’t care
what the cool kids do

Well the cool kids
they got expensive shoes
and the cool kids
they never get the blues
well I don’t care
what the cool kids do
no I don’t care
what the cool kids do

Well the cool kids
they do what they please
and the cool kids
got money up to their knees
well I don’t care
what the cool kids do
(boop boop be do)
no I don’t care
what the cool kids do
Track Name: The Act Of Love
The gods and muses are too shy
To speak in tongues as lovers do
but I have hours and days that I
Can utilize to speak of you
you stand the tests of time and space,
You span the tides of earth and sea
your exponential smiling face
Can mesmerize a fool like me
and we have time as all too few
To do what they've been dreaming of
to hold our weathered hearts in view
And consummate the act of love

When I was young the lovers' games
Were fractured by a funhouse lens
they tore apart each other's names
And turned to mutant thespians
the spotlight hit the set designs
The players stumbled cross the stage
and fed each other all the lines
They'd stolen off the writer's page
but all the drama of the pose,
The boards below, the kliegs above
reduced their lives to puppet shows
As they performed the act of love

The lives of actors gone insane
Are hard and cold as frozen stone
but better than the darkling plain
That's left to those who dwell alone
in every heart there burns a fire
In every eye the hope lives on
and seeks the object of desire
In every face it looks upon
and this is truly what is said
the living hand beneith the glove
that reaches past defeat and dread
To make of life the act of love

We hold each other's gaze with care
And can't imagine what we see
the bird that flies between us there
It is a sacred mystery
so many seek that bird in rage
To knock it down and break its wings
to lock it in a golden cage
And copyright the song it sings
no matter what the species be
A peacock pidgeon grouse or dove
to let a living thing fly free
Must surely be the act of love

The crazy dancing days they flit
The tapestry reweaves anew
and all my piety and wit
Are what I have to see me through
the weather washes to and fro
And nothing stays the way it was
and if you ask me why its so
I have to answer "just because"
but we have better things to do
Than watch the pushes come to shove
we'll have ourselves a dance or two
As we pursue the act of love