Living In The Future

by Thaddeus Spae

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Geezers with guitars I went down to the local talent agency to see if they could find a gig for me some kind of a job in some kind of unkind joint the lady in the office was kinda cute in her clark kent glasses and her business suit she sat me right down and got right to the point She said geezers with guitars are a dime a dozen geezers with guitars are a penny a head that lady wasn't bluffing I didn't cry or nothing I went back home and went back to bed because geezers with guitars don't care what they said I went up to my favorite busking spot smack on the corner of vacant and lot whipped out my stellavarius for all the working stiffs to see but they couldn't seem to tell if I was drunk or insane or maybe I was part of some ad campaign nobody fed the kitty but they all took selfies with me They said geezers with guitars are a dime a dozen geezers with guitars gotta buy a permit their numbers just get higher few die and none retire their species ain't endangered one bit because the present day geezer refuses to quit They got websites and kickstarts a to z they got youtube videos and mp3s they got this whole social media thing down cold but they're old Well I wish there was an answer but there's just no way for a codger with an ax to get by today you can't play the main stage or sing a hit song less you're young but i'm going out tonight to an open mic show with a lotta other geezers with guitars I know and we'll be raising the roof until the last old dog gets hung Because geezers with guitars are a force of nature geezers with guitars got nothing better to do you better watch out pilgrim we're coming for your children we'll teach them all to play guitar too and someday geezers with guitars will outnumber you
We're living in the future we cracked the spiral code computers in our pockets and gridlock on the road we eat organic waffles and mow our yards with goats we're living in the future they rammed it down our throats We're living in the future it's ominous and weird but robots still take orders it's better than we feared we've got a million channels but all the news is fake we're living in the future there must be some mistake We're living in the future they've got us on our backs we haven't got our flying cars or personal rocket packs the internet remembers what we tried to forget we're living in the future and it's not over yet We're living in the future more future every day we're photographing pluto while glaciers melt away and time deals three-card monte with jokers up its sleeve we're living in the future cuz it's too late to leave
With all the troubles in the world today if dogs could only speak i'm sure they'd say Let's sniff butts and be friendly it's so lonely being alone we can roll over together help each other bury a bone life's too short to be snarly just a short walk til it ends let's not waste it pick a stick and chase it let's sniff butts and be friends
Your books will always balance you'll find your psychic talents and pick the winning teams in your dreams Your hopes will never wither You'll learn to play the zither and sing like the Supremes in your dreams And if you swim an ocean, that ocean won't be wet The waves will bear you bravely up you bet you bet No Fears will be your motto You'll win the big state lotto you'll score with all your schemes in your dreams And when the light of morning comes stealing thru your eyes you'll have to face reality surprise surprise But tho there's death and taxes by night your heart relaxes It's better than it seems in your dreams


released September 3, 2017


all rights reserved



Thaddeus Spae Seattle, Washington

A 40-year veteran of the Folk Wars, Thaddeus Spae has played venues from Tipitina's to the EMP. He's an award-winning songwriter whose works range from quirky to literate, guardedly sentimental to outraged and sarcastic, performed on a panoply of instruments acoustic and electric, in a profligate variety of styles encompassing folk, hard rock, jazz, blues, electronic and more. Website: ... more

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