Campfire Jazz

by Thaddeus Spae

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A potpourri of acoustic jazz, folk, swing, blues and rawk with cool rack harp and allusive, literate lyrics. Includes the award-winning "Turtles All The Way Down."


released September 15, 2009

Thaddeus Spae plays and sings everything except drums on "Bertha's Boogie" which were played by Andrew "Sketch" Hare.



all rights reserved


Thaddeus Spae Seattle, Washington

A 40-year veteran of the Folk Wars, Thaddeus Spae has played venues from Tipitina's to the EMP. He's an award-winning songwriter whose works range from quirky to literate, guardedly sentimental to outraged and sarcastic, performed on a panoply of instruments acoustic and electric, in a profligate variety of styles encompassing folk, hard rock, jazz, blues, electronic and more. Website: ... more

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Track Name: Lucky Mud
God got lonely god made mud
god made bone and god made blood
god made gristle god made fat
mud stood up and that was that

Ch: mud gets up and walks around
mud gets up and walks around
boundless spirit in mortal flesh is bound
mud gets up and walks around
mud gets up and walks around

Mud has eyes and mud has ears
mud can think mud sees and hears
mud can sing and dance and play
lucky mud i hear mud say (ch)

Mud eats mud that grows on trees
mud gets sick from mud disease
mud lies down to sleep and then
mud turns back to mud again (ch)
Track Name: The Art Of The Possible
Monday morning like a cliff on your head
pound in a piton rappel out of bed
yeah it's possible
tuesday cleanup hit that rat with a broom
wednesday chase the elephant outta the room
it's possible

Ch: We do what we gotta do with what we got to do it
it's the art of the possible
we cut a few corners just to get around to it
it's the art of the possible

Thursday you take her for coffee and then
friday ask can i see you again
she says it's possible
saturday swingin like a gate on a fence
never knew good times could be so intense
it's possible (ch)

Sunday services try to stay awake
after the lesson there'll be coffee and cake
it's possible (ch)
Track Name: Man In The Cadillac
He picked me up in Santa Barbara
three hours waiting for a ride
he was going to Monterey
I was just walking outside
he told me he was famous
I took him at his word
we're all what we appear to be
no matter what you've heard

I told him I was a poet
He didn't ask me to read
he said you don't need no talent
to get yourself up to speed
don't waste your time on creation
or chasing thoughts in your head
just find the people of substance
and make em give you the bread

And if you're wondering bout the cost of money
or the style of the emperor's new clothes
just ask the man in the cadillac
cause the man in the cadillac knows

He said I tried a lot of things that didn't work
got all emo acted like a jerk
now I know what to do to succeed
you can always depend on stupidity and greed

He threw me out in the mountains
said he had people to meet
I had to walk for an hour
just to get something to eat
but later on I wondered
just how our roles had been cast
was he a part of my future
or was I part of his past

And if you're wondering bout the cost of money
or the style of the emperor's new clothes
just ask the man in the cadillac
cause the man in the cadillac knows
Track Name: Conversation Without Words
We hold discussions of all kinds
give opinions, speak our minds
but when the topic is romance
we're always trying to avoid
Our present circumstance

We palaver and dispute
voice perceptions so acute
but when it comes to you and me
we waste our breath on such sophisticated sophistry

Now the sun and the moon and the stars up above
never fumble for phrases when they talk of love
though your wisdom and wit are a bubbling font
do i have to draw a picture to get what i want?

Conversation without words
dissertation's for the birds
let's find a subject more sublime
and we'll debate these other matters at another time
Track Name: Feelin' Much Better
Used to stay up all nite long
tryin to write a song
about the blues
hey but that's old news
used to worry bout my feet
afraid I'd bite em with my teeth
my head was down
but I'm feelin much better now

Used to get so upset
I'd have to go into debt
just to get high
it'd make you cry
used to eat fire n ice
wouldn't take no one's advice
but I'm feelin much better now

I wake up in the morning put my shoes on my feet
I open up the door and I just stroll down the street
I say hey how's it goin to the people I meet
feelin much better now

I used to send away to ads
promised to cure what I had
in nothing flat
hey forget about that
I used to tell myself be cool
don't be such a freakin fool
right out loud
but I'm feelin much better now
Track Name: Clever Human Being Disguise
There's a stranger before you
right in front of your eyes
I pass among you unnoticed
in my clever human being disguise

Don't look me over too closely
you might just get a surprise
you wouldn't like what you'd see behind
my clever human being disguise

I only hope you appreciate
the pains that I take to please
and not inflict too much ugly truth
on your trembling sensibilities

So sleep the sleep of the righteous
and dwell on comfortable lies
and just ignore me as I creep past
in my clever human being disguise

If you should get too inquisitive
be careful you could be prone
to catch a fleeting glimpse of yourself
wearing a mask of your own

Don't be too quick to dismiss me
to disparage distain or despise
I'm not the only one walking around
in a clever human being disguise
Track Name: Whirlwind Romance
I got down with the dipper
I went wild with the mouse
but I never knew
what a fun ride could do
til the twister hit my house

Ch: Whirlwind romance
strap in and hold on
stay for the romance
After the whirlwind's done

I got burned by the rocket
I just blew off the jet
But this here attraction
has got enough action
to be the fastest one yet (Ch)

I barely got through admissions
sweatin in line til you drop
but that A ticket sure paid its way
With that beautiful view from the top

I dunno how I got here
This sure ain't kansas dude
but here she comes walkin them ruby-red sneakers
her and her little dog too

I spun out on the roundup
weathered the hurricane
but after that big wheel
this tunnel of love'll feel
just a little bit tame (Ch)
Track Name: Good Man
I pay my taxes and I mow my lawn
I keep my doors locked and my porch light on
my bedroom's tidy and my basement's neat
I help old ladies get across the street

Ch: I'm a good man
why am I such a good man?

I see my neighbors in their brand new car
they sure look happy and I guess they are
I ride my bike out to my job each day
the road I take is uphill all the way (ch)

I played king arthur to her lady gwen
she made me better than I'd ever been
we say forever but we never know
holding on until we have to let go (ch)
Track Name: Turtles All The Way Down
The little old lady sat next to the stage
where the eminent mathematician and sage
Revealed how the universe, age after age,
had advanced to its present location
And she said to him sir you are on the wrong track
The whole world rests on the Great Turtle's back
The speaker replied to this scathing attack
Pray what is the turtle's foundation?
She said sonny don't pull out that cheap sophistry
You may fool all the others but you can't fool me

It's Turtles All The Way Down sir
It's turtles all the way down
Oh you're very smart
but I know in my heart
that it's turtles all the way down

The Christians the Jews and the Muslims
They base their beliefs on their book
They all stand up and quote em
and tell you God wrote em
And say that the others got took

The Hindus have gods by the millions
Each with their own ritual and shrine
When offerings come due
They all stand in a queue
Til they get to the head of the line (ch)

The Shintos keep trying to trademark
"The Isle of the Gods" in their name
but the Balinese skip off
and call it a rip off
And file a previous claim

The Taoists divide down the middle
with yang always balancing yin
But don't ever mention
the camera's invention
cause gray scale gets under their skin (ch)

And let's not even start on the Romans
They're not on the ball you can tell
With Romulus and Remus
and Mars shtupping Venus
no wonder their empire fell

And you who are rational realists
convinced that your vision is clear
you'd better think through it
cause when it comes to it
can you even prove that you're here? (ch)
Track Name: Keep It On the Beat
When your music needs some pep
it ain't hard to get in step
if you want to move some feet just
keep it on the beat

Fancy chords don't mean a thing
if you make that rhythm swing
play it hot or play it sweet but
keep it on the beat

Four beats to the bar will please the crowd
keep that bass drum thumpin nice and loud
yeah mama

Case is closed the problem's solved
rocket science ain't involved
they'll be dancin in the street if you
keep it on the beat